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WWE The Usos NEW Heel Theme Song 2017 ᴴᴰ (CLEAR VERSION)

WWE The Usos NEW Heel Theme Song 2017 ᴴᴰ (CLEAR VERSION)

WWE The Usos NEW Heel Theme Song 2017

Title: “Done With That”
Artist: CFO$

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How to screen print T-Shirt Designs Properly.

How to screen print T-Shirt Designs Properly.

A good video about the screen printing machine. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the screen printing machine.

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The screen printing is a printing method with a special ink. The special ink is pressed trough a fine net onto the fabric. The net has holes, but not everywhere. The color can pass trough the holes onto the fabric. The spaces without the holes are without the color. The net must have an picture in the shape of the holes. The net can be made from silk, nylon or metal.

This screen printing method is very good for many materials. It is possible to print on a flat material or on curved surfaces. These special ink can be used on different materials. On metal, plastic, wood, textile, glass and ceramic too. The size of the printed image has no limits. It can be bigger than the net. The image can have multiple parts and an unlimited number of colors, as long as the colors are all mixed together.

The screen printing ink can be very thick or very thin. Multiple layers of ink can be printed on top of each-other. The printing speed is relatively slow, but the quality is very high. Screen printing is used in the advertising, for labels, in the printing processes on t-shirts, ceramic mugs and industrial applications. Many artists love the screen printing machines, because the artists can mix any color and all the prints are unique, every time !

Screen printing is a very traditional process. The printing frame has an image in the shape of a net with holes. This image can be made by a special machine, or it can be printed or painted with glue. It is possible to create everything with hands and without machines. The spaces without the glue will create the holes int the screen. The holes will allow the pain to go trough. The ink will create and image.

The mask prevents the paint from going through. The holes allow the pain to go trough. The mask is an exact opposite of the final image. Quality is very important for women. The printing screen can be connected with a frame, so that it does not move during the printing process. The t-shirt is on the plate, so that it does not move during the printing process. The plate can be warm, so that the paint can enter the T-shirt much better. After the printing, the paint must become dry. It is possible to heat the pain, so that the textile and the pain will connect together. The heat connects the paint to the T-shirt. The paint does become part of the textile and can not be separated anymore.

The modern screen printing process is relatively modern. It was invented in the first half of the 20th century. Europe and Japan used similar screen printing processes in the 18th and 19th centuries, but the machines were not as good as today. Many artists use the screen printing method for their art, because they can create everything at home. Even paper can be used for the screen printing. Just cut out the holes on paper and press the paint into the holes of the image on the paper.

The screen printing process is very practical and easy. The graphical screen printing is used by artists. Industrial screen printing and textile printing is used on a large scale. There are very important printing applications for glass, ceramic and any products that are created in very large qualities. Industrial screen printing is also used for the manufacturing of electronics, solar cells, computers, window heating elements, dashboards, T-shirts, sport bags, curtain fabrics, clothing, carpets, and much more.

Screen printing designs are produced with existing images of drawings. Manual production of screen printing frames is possible. The manual techniques are often used for education of artists. The screen printing process is very good for mixed colors and images with many small lines. The screen printing paints are very durable and can be used on any surface.

You can re-use this video for free. Go ahead. Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!

Rancho Hotel El Atascadero In San Miguel de Allende

Rancho Hotel El Atascadero In San Miguel de Allende

For booking Rancho Hotel El Atascadero In San Miguel de Allende at cheapest rates click the link below

“Life of Riley” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

RC ADVENTURES – Muddy Tracked Semi-Truck 6X6X6 HD OVERKiLL & 4X4 “BEAST” MT on the Trail

RC ADVENTURES – Muddy Tracked Semi-Truck 6X6X6 HD OVERKiLL & 4X4 “BEAST” MT on the Trail

Click Here To Subscribe! ► – 1080p HD to have Mud hit you in the Face! You Wanted iT!? YOU GOT iT. STRAiGHT UP MUD ACTiON! My Custom Semi-Truck HD OVERKiLL a.k.a “THE JUGGERNAUT”, is released onto the Mucky Muddy Backroads of the RCSparks Studio Secret Filming Spot.

It was especially sloppy out on this trail, as the spring melt is now in effect. Thank goodness my friend Everett was along for the trail run, operating my “Beast” Ford Truck. This RC Adventure was Crazy amounts of slip-slidin’ around.. but was a blast to make!

Project “HD OVERKiLL” is built using utilizing 6wd, 6 RC4WD Evo Predator Tracks, 4 Brushless Roc 412 Tekin motors, 3 Gensace Lipo Batteries, and Amazing Vanquish Products outfitting this rig.. there will be NO STOPPING what it can do. THiS RIG IS NOT WATERPROOF, NOR is it designed for MUD. But, who am I fooling.. OF COURSE WE WiLL TAKE iT IN MUD!

HD OVERKiLL Weighs 21 Pounds with Batteries attached

This truck is NOT BUiLT FOR SCALE.. but instead Built to iNSPiRE iMAGiNATiON.

This project was a Re-build of of my Original PROJECT: OVERKiLL truck. The premise is basically the same, but HEAVY DUTY & AMPED up beyond all imagination. This project is not for sale, nor can you buy this in stores! A 1 of a Kind, and a masterpiece in the making. There are thousands of Hours into this project as a whole. The project Cost has YET to be determined but getting towards $6000 is a good guess. We will do the math a little later on. A special thank you goes to my team builders David JR (Master builder), David Senior (Project lead), and Grandpa Marvin (Master Crafter), for dedicating 3 months of time and efforts to this History Making Project. There has never been another Machine like this.. and everything is a prototype. We all know this is an ongoing project, and that the Mega Machine will never be truly completed. There is just too much potential. We will continue to play and have fun, creating exciting things for the world to be in awe of.

Where I get my RC’s LOCALLY in CANADA!

An EXTRA Special Thank you to the Product Partners that have been involved! take a moment to click on their Links below to check out these great distributors of Hobby Products! (Tracks & More) (Axles, Shock Towers and More!) – Leaders in RC Electronics (Battery POWER!) (Savox Sevos)

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TEE-SHIRT OF YOUR CHOICE in a minute Thailand thai street Food Market Asia Travel trip shopping

TEE-SHIRT OF YOUR CHOICE in a minute Thailand thai street Food Market Asia Travel trip shopping

Travel Thailand video on you tube: What to do, to see, to eat and to visit in Thailand. When we thinks Thailand we thinks : Thai boxing, thai food, temple, buddha, thai girls…. Thai night market, Your choice your design, your model, your size and he does your T-shirt in front of you in one minute. Its in Krabi Thai food night market between Thai cooking and Thai kitchen. Its a good and cheap idea for bring Thai gifts. Thai holidays is a very good destination for a nice Holiday and safe. No Ebola for the moment. Taste also the Thai food , Thai kitchen, many Thai dishes and recipe SO GOOD. Thailand is the best Travel in the world and best holidays in the world if you like: Good food and new recipe, nice beach , nice wheather, Temple, old town, good peolple and cheap/good/easy life. Thailand is a very good and nice destination for a perfect and nice holiday. The life is good, people are very nice and kind, the Thai food, Thai kitchen, Thai food dishes and all Thai food recipe are fantastic and cheap, the beaches amazing and the weather very nice. Paradise for diving, snorkeling, fishing, relaxing, spearfishing in Thailand….Very good country and place for Thai shopping. Shopping in Bangkok Thailand. Good destination for Honeymoon and best weeding. Dream travel and the best and nicer place to see in Thailand.. Good deal and good life. Traveling in Thailand is very easy.
Thailand is a very good, easy, cheap and save destination for a very nice Holiday. If you like a nice culture, a nice Temple, good and cheap food, good people, easy life its the best destination in the world for all the family, Honeymoon or a nice weeding. Save and easy for child. Traveling in Thailand is easy.
La Thailand est surement le pays pour reussir vos plus belles vacances du monde ou votre plus beau voyage du monde. la vie est belle, les gens adorables, la nourriture incroyable avec des dizaines de recettes Thai et de fantastiques plats thai. Voyager en Thailande c’est tres facile. Un marché nocturne avec des centaines de vendeurs: des cuisines et cantines qui proposent des plats Thai et des recettes Thai incroyable a des prix vraiment pas cher et succulent. Il y en a partout en Thaïlande: Chiang Mia, Bangkok, Koh samui, Krabi, Phuket, Sukkothai…….
Une destination facile, incroyable, belle pour tout le monde petit et grand, avec ou sans enfants. Sûrement une des meilleures cuisines au monde et les plus belles vacances au monde. La Thailande est sûrement le pays pour réussir vos plus belles vacances du monde ou votre plus beau voyage du monde.Une belle destination pour une lune de miel ou un mariage au bout du monde. La vie est belle, les gens adorables, la nourriture incroyable avec des dizaines de recettes Thai et de fantastiques plats thai. Une tres belle destination pour les amoureux de temple, de culture, de tradition, de coutume, de soleil, de belle plage, de sable blanc, de cocotier…Le paradis des plongeurs en bouteilles et des chasseurs sous marins. Chasse sous marine en Thailande……..Des vacances sans risque et sans danger….Voyages de reves et les plus beaux beaux lieux et sites touristiques a voir en Thailande..
самые красивые места в Таиланде
приготовления пищи и рецепты из Таиландa
мечтать отпуск в Таиланде….

DIY Beach / Shades of blue theme Wedding Decor

DIY Beach / Shades of blue theme Wedding Decor

Alright, I know I haven’t exactly been youtuber of the month but hear me out… life, more often than not, can be overwhelming.
”Anxiety” yup… you can pretty much sum it up in one word…
The wedding this last Summer got to my bones, what should have been a magical time, it felt more like a task that had to be perfect, no matter what.
I probably need to make a separate video all about that…
So I didn’t really intend to, but I took some time off. not only from youtube, from friends and life in general.
Never mind that now… I’m feeling a lot better and ready to work!!
How did you guys spend the holidays? leave me comments, I want to know!

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DIY Wedding Enchanted Guest book – Halloween Spell-book

How to Watercolor Save the Date – DIY

WE Have Something To Tell You

Back to School-How to make a Wooden Sketchbook


*this is NOT a sponsored video. I don’t know what difference this makes but I tell you anyways. -.-


DIY/Re-Vamp Disney T-Shirts + How I Style Them | rosaliesaysrawr

DIY/Re-Vamp Disney T-Shirts + How I Style Them | rosaliesaysrawr

DIY/Re-Vamp Disney T-Shirts + How to Style Them!
Whether you’re ready for the Summer to begin or you just want to bring new life to your old Tees, this is where all the creativity is at!
With a Disney Theme in mind, I will definitely be wearing these all to Disney World! Enjoy

Shirt Templates on my Blog:

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